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                                    Red Oak Gems
Hi. I'm Greg Ninedorf. I enjoy designing and cutting beautiful gemstones for people who appreciate them.
I am a master faceter certified by the United States Faceters Guild.
Gem cutting runs in my family. My brother Gary, neice Caitlin, and I were taught faceting by my uncle Reg Thompson, a renown designer, cutter, appraiser, and gemologist.


The purpose of Red Oak Gems is to offer you a beautiful selection of  gemstones cut by me.


The Natural Gems, Lab Created Gems, and the Russian Quartz pages display stones that are ready for purchase. You may click on the pictures for more information about each stone. If you like the design but would prefer a different size, color, or material, contact me.


Each stone is cut for optimal color, clarity, and brilliance.


If I don't have your perfect stone on display, you may order a custom cut stone specifying the size, shape, color, and species.


I have hundreds of designs to choose from. The prices vary depending on size, cut, and type of material. Contact Red Oak Gems for specific pricing.


I will facet your gemstone rough too. Just about any transparent mineral can be transformed into a beautiful gem.


I can repair and repolish most damaged gemstones so your favorite stone can look new again.


We offer mountings from Stuller and provide stone setting services.


Return Policy: If you are not completely satsified with your stone purchase, you may return it in the same condition within 14 days for a full refund.









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